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Is a suite of powerful add-on to Solid Edge - a kind of workflows processes automating repetitive task like exporting Sheet Metal model as Flattened DXF files for manufacturing - and much more.

EdgePublisher - Update Drawings.

Update Drawings is a fully automatic tool updating all drawings related to an assembly.

Out-Of-Date subassemblies resulting in FAT corner drawing views are updated automatically. A proces that can take hours to solve manually.

Also newly updated drawings can be isolated for subsequent proces.

The total quantity from the top-assembly can be added to the drawings prior to PDF export or plain physical print for manufacturing purposes.

EdgePublisher - Export Sheet Metal.

The Sheet Metal module will export all sheet metal ( par & psm ) files as flattened DXF files.

DXF files can be sorted into different folders for each sub-supplier or manufacturing department.

EdgePublisher - Unite Assembly.

Unite Assembly is the ultimate tool for Shrink Wrapping any LARGE assembly into one Single Body part. During the shrink wrapping proces details can be simplified or totally removed.

The input can be a specific display configuration or all visible part from selected view directions.

Properties can also be used to include / exclude parts.

EdgePublisher - Create PDF.

The PDF module is a very powerful tool to generate PDF files, with single or multiple sheets.

PDF file can be generated as a multipage document with all drawings in one single PDF file. Solid Edge properties are used to navigate between pages.

A 3D view of the assembly is included on a seperate page.

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